Risk and safety issues and inherent in every aspect of the marine and offshore environment. Global Maritime has established a powerful and innovative multi-skilled team of experts to develop methods and told to identify, evaluate, qualify and mitigate risks in order to make the offshore world a safer place to be

In addition to deploying risk and safety expertise into our Engineering, Design, Marine Warranty and Marine Operations service sectors to the Risk and safety team also services the offshore industry as a stand-alone unit. Their objective is to obtain solutions that present the lowest risk and highest probability of success throughout the field life cycle, from planning to decommissioning.
Our core risk and safety services combines assessments and tools to help establish best practice in relation to:

  • Enterprise and business risk
  • Field development risk
  • Risk Framework (safety case, written scheme of verification etc)
  • Risk Management System
  • Project Risk
  • Engineering and design risk
  • Risk in marine operation
  • Major accident risk assessment
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Operational efficiency
  • Claims and Investigations