Our team of Master Mariners, Engineers and Naval Architects provides unrivaled expertise in Understanding and optimizing vessel performance and operation.

With Safety paramount, we provide guidance to commercial decision-makers and operational experts including oil companies, drilling contractors and regulatory authorities. We also offer independent expert advice in litigation and arbitration procedures.

Seen as thought-leaders in our industry, we are at the forefront in the development  of International Standards and Guidelines for safe operation of offshore assests and take an ongoing active role in the advancement of oil and gas and renewable energy technologies.

Our services includes:



  • Stability and weight analysis, inclining experiments and displacement test.
  • Riser Analysis
  • Mooring analysis and mooring procedures
  • Rig move procedures development
  • Dynamic positioning (DP) capability analysis
  • Failure mode analysis (FMEA) - DP, cranes, pipe-lay, jacking systems
  • Penetrability and downtime simulations
  • Vessels movement simulations analysis
  • LNG and LPG carrier consultancy
  • Expert witness services for litigation - offshore operations and ports and harbours
  • Marine Operations risk and safety studies
  • Quantified risk assessment (QRA) and safety case development
  • Model test verification and management
  • Operations simulation studies (downtime, operation optimisation)
  • Protection and indemnity litigation (P&I) services
  • Marine Casualty and Investigation service (MCI)